December 17, 2009

Vatican Assassins comments 2

EJP lopo

Good points, but there is nothing to enjoy in this video.
"Millions of black-on-white crimes" – millions, Eric?
I mean, millions of white-on-black crimes – that's for sure.
And by the way, the Dark Ages were also "Bible-based", weren't they.
I know. Nevertheless, they were it after all.
The priests (with the professors, politicians, psychologists etc. at their side) rule for the most part simply with words. They dominate the public (the collective consciousness) and therefore our souls through their elaborate vocabulary, their soapy language, this warm and foggy balsam of most extrem mendaciousness – "civilization of love" and so forth. And you, Sir, are not really a great help to break this particular power with your, you know, always almost barbarian, at least nearly kind of military or police choice of words! I'm afraid to see you remaining an exotic with this kind of eternal fanatic rant. Preaching against the priests, preaching against the most sophisticated false flag benefactors – what an impressive, what a convincing, what a new strategy above all, indeed, especially for the cyberspace! Oh, I forgot: "there is nothing new under the sun", right? Because "it's written". Letterpress? "Nothing new." No middle ground with the Bible, right Sir?!
"The fact of the matter is, everything is black and white, there are no shades of grey. It is either right or it is either wrong. It is either good or it is either evil. It is either glorifying God or it's fulfilling the desires of 'The Devil'." (Biblical Truth in History and Prophecy broadcast on May 19, 2008)


It's May again and, yet again, Mr. Jones "tries to understand" the Catholic connection ...
The 2009 version: Alex the Joker how he's joking around with former BBC radio journalist Tony Gosling who promotes, for example, "Judaism is opposed to Zionism" (which I think is true for the most part) on his website and at the same time the kind of Makow's impersonator interpretation of Blair's converting (which I think doesn't be the case and thus is definitely an appropriate mem to sell by the marching monotheistic and more or less monolithic Catholic Column of "lay believers" that, of course, is always defending its episcopal brotherhood of "holy priest soldiers of the one god", no matter what organizations they are members of).

@4min) "Now, I don't get involved in Protestants' and Catholics' fighting, I don't get into this, you know, religious craziness – this is a radio show, a news program. And I have found that, you know, there are some crowds out there that obsess on Catholics, and Catholic intrigue, and Catholic secret societies, and everybody is a secret agent of it. And so, you know, for years thought that was discredited, and stupid, and silly, because some of the proponents out there were so ridiculous. But then, through being attacked, I did actually look at it deeper. And then I was doing research for Endgame on the founding of Bilderberg, European Union, all of that, the Nazi connections, the Catholic Church connections, the Treaty of Rome 1957, how they say the EU will be The New Holy Roman Empire. And I went: Wow, that's actually true! And then how Tony Blair is converted to Catholicism so he can be a new EU head, and they denied that, and now they are talking about it, and then all these weird P2 lodges interconnecting, and then Józef Retinger, and all of that – I mean, there really is something there at the bottom of it."

Look at him!
I'd say kudos to EricIndiana a.k.a. Orwell's Ghost (He had also made a terrific video about when he was calling into Jones' live show, confronting the self-declared "T-Rex of Political Talk" with two of his "own articles": one and two. Unfortunately this video has gone for no reason. And in case you read this, OG, please contact me because I'm highly interested in your material from your deleted MySpace account) and to you, Sir Eric Jon Phelps, here with Lenny Bloom again. And by the way, Naomi Wolf former Clinton associate, was interviewed at Georgetown on Oct 20, 2007 by Viet Dinh in person, and it even was on Youtube! Just for a while ...

May 15, 2007 EJP exposes AJC, Alex Joker the Coadjutor:
Eric) Alex Jones is the topic: He refuses to deal with the Jesuit Order.
Lenny) They don't want the truth to get out. They are hiding the truth.
Eric) Right. But the deception here is his great credibility on most every other topic: on "9/11" – The Demolition of the WTC, Oklahoma City, you know, the whole nine yards, The Destruction of Waco – he is absolutely credible on all those other topics. And that's what suck the people into following him away from Vatican control.
Lenny) That's a half-truth. That's how he gets people. Create a half-truth, hook them in!
Eric) So, this is typical Jesuit casuistry at its best. And we always have to watch out for this and be aware that there is always somebody trying to seduce the listener away from realizing that Rome is the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth: Rome is that great city which rules all the kings on the earth. So, and I would welcome a debate with Alex Jones. I'll welcome any confrontation with him, if he seeks to refute me about this or correct me. For final analysis all I ask is that he deals with the Jesuit Order. It doesn't have to be me, I'm nothing. But that subject is everything, and he must deal with it if he use to maintain his credibility.
Lenny) Well, he has to stay in the shadows. He can't afford to let the light shine on and has to stay under his rock. And the thing is this, he will not enter into any neutral debate with you. He'll have to have his finger on the button at his radio station. He is too frightened and he doesn't have the debating expertise or intelligence or lateral thinking enough to move into that area of expertise and go one on one with you. But he can buster and fuel people with cleverly devised fables. Alex Jones is a Jesuit coadjutor, a fake.
Eric) That's absolutely right.


Wow! A real journalist interviewing a real politician – who would have thought this could be so easy? Excellent information and investigative dynamite, indeed. Thank you very much Mr. T. Soulinspiration, and thanks to Mr. Sainty too!

05/16'08 From a conversation with Lenny Bloom about Alex Jones, the Bilderbergers and more: @26min, EJP) He knows where all of these guys are in the U.S., and someone like this would be a wonderful asset to simply bring forward pictures, so that we can see the Jesuit connection with all these people in power on Wall Street, Washington, New York, the Oval Office, all of them. We need to put the pressure on the Jesuit Order by way of pictures, because we have an illiterate culture now. So the only way we can get to our culture – for the most part – is through pictures. That's what we need to do. And I want to encourage the listeners: If you can find pictures of the Jesuits ... go into the libraries and ask for individuals: Do you have any pictures? [...] I'm doing a report, I'm running a paper on this [...] I'm an investigative journalist or something [...] that could be very helpful. I mean, I had a former individual, who was working on a Catholic university, and befriended him, and he got me a picture out of their archives of Jesuit Bernardin F. Wiget (Paul is chairman and publisher of Warren Communications News! 02/12'09: his book), and that was very very hard to find a picture of him. Bernardin F. Wiget was the Jesuit who oversaw the assassination of Lincoln. I put the picture in my book.
So, you never know what "The Lord" will do for you. If you just ask, you know, "you have not because you ask not" (James 4:2), and it goes to this arena too. Ask these people for these pictures and see what happens! Well, I got a picture when I got this book A House of Bread (the biblical place of Jesus' birth, Bethlehem, literally means "house of bread") by a Lady named Kathy Scogna. She put it out in 2000 and I thought, well, Lord, this is a Jesuit novitiate over here, and, lo and behold, there is picture of Martin Sheen with these Jesuits! And Martin Sheen was a narrator of the Secrets of the Titanic [...] the Jesuits put the Titanic to the bottom of the ocean. He was their chosen narrator. And Martin Sheen has been a bosom friend of the Jesuits for years, for decades, and that's why he had this huge Hollywood acting career and was in the West Wing in TV – all that's because of the Jesuit Order. I never dreamed I would find Martin Sheen in this book A House of Bread, but there is.
So, as we begin our investigations, and I want to encourage our listeners to do this. Go to the universities. Go to these Jesuit institutions. Find pictures of these people. Email them to us. We'll put them up on our website. And we'll continue to add and grow in our knowledge, so that this becomes obvious. To the end that the Jesuits are big exposed as having ruined our country, destroyed our wealth, wrecked our health, destroyed our legal system, enslaved us in general, and then get us really ready to have a huge two-front war, concentration camps, and then ultimate deliberate loss of our military, so that we then can be successfully invaded by the Chinese, the Russians, the Muslims, and whoever else they're gonna use to partition our nation and then put us through living hell! So we need to continue our resistance by getting pictures. And I want to encourage the listeners: none of you are insignificant, none of you. You might think you are, but that's what "The Devil" wants you to think. One little fact, one little picture can bring this whole () tumbling down. So I want to encourage the listeners to please trust "The Lord" and be of value for the truth, and ask, and seek, and you never know what you're gonna find.
[...] That's right. It's a house of cards. It's one big house of cards. And when the right wind blowing on it, from "The Lord", it can all tumble. And then [...] people wherever there are in their sphere of influence can begin to do the right thing in resistance, and it will all come crumbling down. It's happened before. It happened in England, it happened here. When one man, Smedley Butler, General Butler, exposed the plot to cease the White House, and where the Vatican and the Jesuit Knights of Malta wanted us to make Butler military dictator, "overthrow FDR" (they put him into office), and General Butler blew the whistle, it all faded away. All what it takes is to throw a light on their horrible designs and they will fade away.

"You never know what you're gonna find."
That's true. I found a "little fact" – it's more like a hint – while reading Chris Hitchen's God Is Not Great, chapter 13, where he writes about the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. Prowling around the web I was immensely surprised when the Austrian national public service broadcaster ORF stated: "Auch wenn die ursprünglich von einem Jesuitenmönch gegründete Rebellenbewegung den Sturz des seit 1986 regierenden Yoweri Museveni und die Gründung eines Gottesstaates auf ihre Fahnen geheftet hat ..." Although the rebel movement, originally founded by a Jesuit monk, has the plan to overthrow the government of Yoweri Museveni, reigning since 1986, and to establish a theocracy ..." I couldn't find any further information about the monk so far, but maybe someone else knows more, someone who has studied this utterly cruel, barbarian, almost medieval conflict in detail, which reminded me immediately of the ruthless blood oath of the Knights of Jesus because of all the slaughter that was going on in the jungle several years ago.


You're always saying "corporate-fascist, socialist-communist", Eric, and I think, you're absolutely right by uniting these two extremes of Catholic Jesuit Freemasonic Illuminist Zionist etc. social engineering under the Black Papacy's umbrella of its "Universal City of God". But for a better match with the widely-felt disposition between the corporatocracist fascists (by "the Left") and the communist collectivists (by "the Right"), and in order to maybe create some non-dialectic common ground, I would recommend to introduce the term "solidarist" or "Peschist" – I mean instead of overworking the "identity parade" with "Nazi socialism" and "Marxism" – because the ideological founder of the post-World-War, non-constitutional, solidarist "federal republic", West-Germany, has been none other than Heinrich Pesch SJ. He is definitely one of what I call "key Korchagins" of the CCC, the Catholic Columbian Colossus, like Xaver, Canisius, Mariana, Kircher, Kino, Carroll and many others, not to forget the alleged "9/11" (theatrical) mastermind Avery Dulles SJ, the stage director for the whole ongoing "9/11" hoaxism, and all the Superior Generals, of course, the General Secretaries of The Company, the transnational Society of Jesus. The military order of the modern Knights Templar was also the first serious and is till this day the most passionate, the most influential, and mystically/ideologically leading globalizing force on the planet for the sake of undiminished "Dominus Iesus", executed by the Papal Caesar in Rome or elsewhere.
I mean that "the Left" fears the fascists and "the Right" the communists in our little intercontinental Roman Jesuit "Punch-and-Judy show".


10/19'09 Tom Cruise's little Thetan goes to a Catholic school


Tosco said...

Beim Spekulieren mit Blutriten ist schnell die Grenze zur "neuen Jugenddroge" erreicht, dem Satanskult mit schwarzen Messen, Teufelsanbetung und Sexualmagie – bis hin zum geplanten Opfertod von Menschen. 200.000 Jugendliche sollen in Deutschland bereits an schwarzen Messen teilnehmen, wie die Jugendschutzkonferenz in Herne im Sommer 1988 feststellte. Die Kriminalpolizei ermittelt in diesem Zusammenhang bei einigen "Ritualmorden".
Scotland Yard hält es für möglich, dass etliche Vermisste in England auf das Konto des dortigen Teufelskults gehen – geschätzte Zahl der Mitglieder: 100.000 – nachdem die rituelle Tötung eines 13jährigen Mädchens bekannt wurde. Die Schülerin, die nur mit einer Vogelmaske und einem Umhang bekleidet war, wurde "um Mitternacht auf einem Friedhof mit einem Opferdolch" erstochen.