October 27, 2009

Freemen on the Land

Marc Stevens

shenanigans with the "everything is ok" sign

John Harris: Freedom is an Illusion.

Bursting Bubbles

Global Commerce Game: Start Winning the Game

Intro to Your Human Rights

Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst

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Robert-Arthur: Menard

When you know where you are, it is much easier to consider ways to achieve your desired destination. The object of this webpage, and Detax Canada is to inform you as to how you have been made a Slave subservient to the Crown of the City of London, and thus, its owner the Pontiff of Rome and his Holy Roman Empire, the original and origin of what is called Fascism and Collectivism.
If you are not familiar with what Fascism means, note the meaning of the Roman symbol called the "fasces" from whence the term Fascism comes.
If you are not familiar with what Collectivism means, watch this 5 part video presentation
"Individualism versus Collectivism" researched by G. Edward Griffin.

Freedom Force International

Dave Allison

October 22, 2009

Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit comments 1

In service to the saviour

Therefore the Monotheistic "saviour's" ( Horus in form of Jesus ) most important lesson is: Be obedient. Shut off your brains. Synchronize your will with the one of your superior. Serve the system. Pray for your God, Rome's shining ("white" pope) World Pharaoh, and his master, the invisible ("black" pope) "Christus quasi praesens". Be the abolute perfect subject. Be politically "blind". That's catholic salvation of the highest degree, isn't it? Like "his holiness, brother/father" Ignatius "the fiery", aka "Don Quixote" as well as "The Count of Monte Cristo", wrote in detail about the first rule of his Fight Club in his famous letter "de virtute obedientiae" in 1553. The old (Egyptian, totalitarian) sheep-shepherd game
Can you name me one Catholic, just one catholic soul alive who thinks about freedom even rudimentally? Because the lack of this is the reason why for me Communism rhymes with Communion, you know.

Unlike most important movements, the one which took form in the Society of Jesus was not, as the phrase goes, "in the air", it was conceived in the brain of a single man, Ignatius Loyola. Reform was in the air but the method adopted was Loyola's own creation. A young knight full of martial ardour, he was struck down in battle. When he rose from his sickbed, it was with a resolution to exchange earthly for heavenly warfare. There had been soldiers of the Cross before, but they had fought with the arm of flesh. The new idea was, to introduce military organisation into the warfare of the spirit. The utter obedience of the soldier to his superior officers is the principle that makes armies invincible, it was the beginning and the middle and the end of the association that Loyola conceived. Obedience to the right rule of life is enjoined upon all men. Obedience to the rules of an order is enjoined upon members of the order, not only obedience to these, but submission absolute, unquestioning, unhesitating to every injunction from a superior officer was to be the fundamental law of the society.
Even in Loyola's own mind the idea did not take immediate and final shape. For years he gave himself up to a personal training which should fit him for the end he had in view: prayer and fasting, study and travel, the subjugation of the flesh, the education of the brain, the purification of the spirit, to these he devoted himself.

Thanks for this terrific citation ( One more book! ). "A power with a single eye" to "caritas in veritate", "world political authority" – The Planetary Dominion. Published on 7/7'09, mainly for a people of "devout Papists" of the seize of China. Monotheistic Catholicism (Solidarism/Peschism) and Atheistic Communism (Socialism/Marxism) are principally (spiritually, psychologically, ideologically) the same, as combines and corporations are the same economically – I'm working on it.
"The Roman Catholic Church will rule the world again."