December 17, 2009

Vatican Assassins comments 2

EJP lopo

Good points, but there is nothing to enjoy in this video.
"Millions of black-on-white crimes" – millions, Eric?
I mean, millions of white-on-black crimes – that's for sure.
And by the way, the Dark Ages were also "Bible-based", weren't they.
I know. Nevertheless, they were it after all.
The priests (with the professors, politicians, psychologists etc. at their side) rule for the most part simply with words. They dominate the public (the collective consciousness) and therefore our souls through their elaborate vocabulary, their soapy language, this warm and foggy balsam of most extrem mendaciousness – "civilization of love" and so forth. And you, Sir, are not really a great help to break this particular power with your, you know, always almost barbarian, at least nearly kind of military or police choice of words! I'm afraid to see you remaining an exotic with this kind of eternal fanatic rant. Preaching against the priests, preaching against the most sophisticated false flag benefactors – what an impressive, what a convincing, what a new strategy above all, indeed, especially for the cyberspace! Oh, I forgot: "there is nothing new under the sun", right? Because "it's written". Letterpress? "Nothing new." No middle ground with the Bible, right Sir?!
"The fact of the matter is, everything is black and white, there are no shades of grey. It is either right or it is either wrong. It is either good or it is either evil. It is either glorifying God or it's fulfilling the desires of 'The Devil'." (Biblical Truth in History and Prophecy broadcast on May 19, 2008)


It's May again and, yet again, Mr. Jones "tries to understand" the Catholic connection ...
The 2009 version: Alex the Joker how he's joking around with former BBC radio journalist Tony Gosling who promotes, for example, "Judaism is opposed to Zionism" (which I think is true for the most part) on his website and at the same time the kind of Makow's impersonator interpretation of Blair's converting (which I think doesn't be the case and thus is definitely an appropriate mem to sell by the marching monotheistic and more or less monolithic Catholic Column of "lay believers" that, of course, is always defending its episcopal brotherhood of "holy priest soldiers of the one god", no matter what organizations they are members of).

@4min) "Now, I don't get involved in Protestants' and Catholics' fighting, I don't get into this, you know, religious craziness – this is a radio show, a news program. And I have found that, you know, there are some crowds out there that obsess on Catholics, and Catholic intrigue, and Catholic secret societies, and everybody is a secret agent of it. And so, you know, for years thought that was discredited, and stupid, and silly, because some of the proponents out there were so ridiculous. But then, through being attacked, I did actually look at it deeper. And then I was doing research for Endgame on the founding of Bilderberg, European Union, all of that, the Nazi connections, the Catholic Church connections, the Treaty of Rome 1957, how they say the EU will be The New Holy Roman Empire. And I went: Wow, that's actually true! And then how Tony Blair is converted to Catholicism so he can be a new EU head, and they denied that, and now they are talking about it, and then all these weird P2 lodges interconnecting, and then Józef Retinger, and all of that – I mean, there really is something there at the bottom of it."

Look at him!
I'd say kudos to EricIndiana a.k.a. Orwell's Ghost (He had also made a terrific video about when he was calling into Jones' live show, confronting the self-declared "T-Rex of Political Talk" with two of his "own articles": one and two. Unfortunately this video has gone for no reason. And in case you read this, OG, please contact me because I'm highly interested in your material from your deleted MySpace account) and to you, Sir Eric Jon Phelps, here with Lenny Bloom again. And by the way, Naomi Wolf former Clinton associate, was interviewed at Georgetown on Oct 20, 2007 by Viet Dinh in person, and it even was on Youtube! Just for a while ...

May 15, 2007 EJP exposes AJC, Alex Joker the Coadjutor:
Eric) Alex Jones is the topic: He refuses to deal with the Jesuit Order.
Lenny) They don't want the truth to get out. They are hiding the truth.
Eric) Right. But the deception here is his great credibility on most every other topic: on "9/11" – The Demolition of the WTC, Oklahoma City, you know, the whole nine yards, The Destruction of Waco – he is absolutely credible on all those other topics. And that's what suck the people into following him away from Vatican control.
Lenny) That's a half-truth. That's how he gets people. Create a half-truth, hook them in!
Eric) So, this is typical Jesuit casuistry at its best. And we always have to watch out for this and be aware that there is always somebody trying to seduce the listener away from realizing that Rome is the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth: Rome is that great city which rules all the kings on the earth. So, and I would welcome a debate with Alex Jones. I'll welcome any confrontation with him, if he seeks to refute me about this or correct me. For final analysis all I ask is that he deals with the Jesuit Order. It doesn't have to be me, I'm nothing. But that subject is everything, and he must deal with it if he use to maintain his credibility.
Lenny) Well, he has to stay in the shadows. He can't afford to let the light shine on and has to stay under his rock. And the thing is this, he will not enter into any neutral debate with you. He'll have to have his finger on the button at his radio station. He is too frightened and he doesn't have the debating expertise or intelligence or lateral thinking enough to move into that area of expertise and go one on one with you. But he can buster and fuel people with cleverly devised fables. Alex Jones is a Jesuit coadjutor, a fake.
Eric) That's absolutely right.


Wow! A real journalist interviewing a real politician – who would have thought this could be so easy? Excellent information and investigative dynamite, indeed. Thank you very much Mr. T. Soulinspiration, and thanks to Mr. Sainty too!

05/16'08 From a conversation with Lenny Bloom about Alex Jones, the Bilderbergers and more: @26min, EJP) He knows where all of these guys are in the U.S., and someone like this would be a wonderful asset to simply bring forward pictures, so that we can see the Jesuit connection with all these people in power on Wall Street, Washington, New York, the Oval Office, all of them. We need to put the pressure on the Jesuit Order by way of pictures, because we have an illiterate culture now. So the only way we can get to our culture – for the most part – is through pictures. That's what we need to do. And I want to encourage the listeners: If you can find pictures of the Jesuits ... go into the libraries and ask for individuals: Do you have any pictures? [...] I'm doing a report, I'm running a paper on this [...] I'm an investigative journalist or something [...] that could be very helpful. I mean, I had a former individual, who was working on a Catholic university, and befriended him, and he got me a picture out of their archives of Jesuit Bernardin F. Wiget (Paul is chairman and publisher of Warren Communications News! 02/12'09: his book), and that was very very hard to find a picture of him. Bernardin F. Wiget was the Jesuit who oversaw the assassination of Lincoln. I put the picture in my book.
So, you never know what "The Lord" will do for you. If you just ask, you know, "you have not because you ask not" (James 4:2), and it goes to this arena too. Ask these people for these pictures and see what happens! Well, I got a picture when I got this book A House of Bread (the biblical place of Jesus' birth, Bethlehem, literally means "house of bread") by a Lady named Kathy Scogna. She put it out in 2000 and I thought, well, Lord, this is a Jesuit novitiate over here, and, lo and behold, there is picture of Martin Sheen with these Jesuits! And Martin Sheen was a narrator of the Secrets of the Titanic [...] the Jesuits put the Titanic to the bottom of the ocean. He was their chosen narrator. And Martin Sheen has been a bosom friend of the Jesuits for years, for decades, and that's why he had this huge Hollywood acting career and was in the West Wing in TV – all that's because of the Jesuit Order. I never dreamed I would find Martin Sheen in this book A House of Bread, but there is.
So, as we begin our investigations, and I want to encourage our listeners to do this. Go to the universities. Go to these Jesuit institutions. Find pictures of these people. Email them to us. We'll put them up on our website. And we'll continue to add and grow in our knowledge, so that this becomes obvious. To the end that the Jesuits are big exposed as having ruined our country, destroyed our wealth, wrecked our health, destroyed our legal system, enslaved us in general, and then get us really ready to have a huge two-front war, concentration camps, and then ultimate deliberate loss of our military, so that we then can be successfully invaded by the Chinese, the Russians, the Muslims, and whoever else they're gonna use to partition our nation and then put us through living hell! So we need to continue our resistance by getting pictures. And I want to encourage the listeners: none of you are insignificant, none of you. You might think you are, but that's what "The Devil" wants you to think. One little fact, one little picture can bring this whole () tumbling down. So I want to encourage the listeners to please trust "The Lord" and be of value for the truth, and ask, and seek, and you never know what you're gonna find.
[...] That's right. It's a house of cards. It's one big house of cards. And when the right wind blowing on it, from "The Lord", it can all tumble. And then [...] people wherever there are in their sphere of influence can begin to do the right thing in resistance, and it will all come crumbling down. It's happened before. It happened in England, it happened here. When one man, Smedley Butler, General Butler, exposed the plot to cease the White House, and where the Vatican and the Jesuit Knights of Malta wanted us to make Butler military dictator, "overthrow FDR" (they put him into office), and General Butler blew the whistle, it all faded away. All what it takes is to throw a light on their horrible designs and they will fade away.

"You never know what you're gonna find."
That's true. I found a "little fact" – it's more like a hint – while reading Chris Hitchen's God Is Not Great, chapter 13, where he writes about the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. Prowling around the web I was immensely surprised when the Austrian national public service broadcaster ORF stated: "Auch wenn die ursprünglich von einem Jesuitenmönch gegründete Rebellenbewegung den Sturz des seit 1986 regierenden Yoweri Museveni und die Gründung eines Gottesstaates auf ihre Fahnen geheftet hat ..." Although the rebel movement, originally founded by a Jesuit monk, has the plan to overthrow the government of Yoweri Museveni, reigning since 1986, and to establish a theocracy ..." I couldn't find any further information about the monk so far, but maybe someone else knows more, someone who has studied this utterly cruel, barbarian, almost medieval conflict in detail, which reminded me immediately of the ruthless blood oath of the Knights of Jesus because of all the slaughter that was going on in the jungle several years ago.


You're always saying "corporate-fascist, socialist-communist", Eric, and I think, you're absolutely right by uniting these two extremes of Catholic Jesuit Freemasonic Illuminist Zionist etc. social engineering under the Black Papacy's umbrella of its "Universal City of God". But for a better match with the widely-felt disposition between the corporatocracist fascists (by "the Left") and the communist collectivists (by "the Right"), and in order to maybe create some non-dialectic common ground, I would recommend to introduce the term "solidarist" or "Peschist" – I mean instead of overworking the "identity parade" with "Nazi socialism" and "Marxism" – because the ideological founder of the post-World-War, non-constitutional, solidarist "federal republic", West-Germany, has been none other than Heinrich Pesch SJ. He is definitely one of what I call "key Korchagins" of the CCC, the Catholic Columbian Colossus, like Xaver, Canisius, Mariana, Kircher, Kino, Carroll and many others, not to forget the alleged "9/11" (theatrical) mastermind Avery Dulles SJ, the stage director for the whole ongoing "9/11" hoaxism, and all the Superior Generals, of course, the General Secretaries of The Company, the transnational Society of Jesus. The military order of the modern Knights Templar was also the first serious and is till this day the most passionate, the most influential, and mystically/ideologically leading globalizing force on the planet for the sake of undiminished "Dominus Iesus", executed by the Papal Caesar in Rome or elsewhere.
I mean that "the Left" fears the fascists and "the Right" the communists in our little intercontinental Roman Jesuit "Punch-and-Judy show".


10/19'09 Tom Cruise's little Thetan goes to a Catholic school

December 14, 2009

Investigative Journal comments 3


"Separating one's head from one's body" – one of the finest examples for "final authority" based on an unlucky book belief, isn't it. And wasn't it always that way within living memory … (without instant global communication).
The "thing is too big" now?
Why big?
I don't think so at all.
I mean, "the thing" doesn't play in such a category, therefore it can't be "big" or "small" or something like that. Those thoughts seem to me being pathetic traps, features of mind control by propaganda pathos of church/state/family upbringing into culture. In my opinion, an intellectual challenge should be seen as the most normal thing there is.
Then "have your cake and eat it, too".
Was it too harsh? Probably too harsh to say to a shining example.
The (quasi-)military mafia mentality radiates from the monolithic and monotheistic, bureaucratic, Catholic pyramid of church/state, educational, financial, and organizational power into the whole society (of Jesus) and puts its stamp on our entire culture. I mean, how many IRS agents do the research and how many just go on with their corporate military-bureaucratic Mafia job ... A corporate mainstream for careless consumers and a conspiracy mainstream for caring citizens – by splitting the mainstream, "9/11" made it possible.
I believe, Ancient Egypt with its allmighty priestly Shepherd's Fold is their raw model for the coming global feudalist/communist administrative system disguised as a World God State or "Universal City of God".


Oh no Greg, it's not that complicated anymore.
The Basic Picture is absolutely certain and it explains all of the main aspects of "9/11", for example, very well. In other words, the fundament, I think, is done. And: there is a definite (if not ultimate) weapon against all agents of the world's "knightly" General Secretary hidden in the dark and their centuries-old memetic engineering.


09/18'09 Christopher Strunk on The Investigative Journal @30min)
Let me give an overview so people understand where I'm going with this.
During the crusades, King Richard and King John had serious problems in financing their part in the crusade and what they did was to put England in (), and that's during the period of Robin Hood ("The name was still used to describe sedition and treachery in 1605, when Guy Fawkes and his associates were branded 'Robin Hoods' by Robert Cecil.") [...] King John struck a deal with the Pope to pay off the debt. Basically, he gave up the sovereignty and used all of his future holdings as a security against the debt that had been occurred. The point is the Americans were part of that, so the Vatican had a like a banker's interest in controlling everything that the King's colonies happened from that point on, so that where England went then, the Vatican went with it. And certainly Henry VIII rebelled against that.
Let me sort of finish my overview here. So the point is that the Vatican operated from the get-go through the Masonic order and everything else at the colonies. And that it always had an ulterior money modus. And that it was in partnership to that contractional arrangement, the treaty of () 13. And that the Founding Fathers were aware of the king's debt that was owed to the revolution. And they were forced to write the Constitution as a debt repayment plan, a business plan. And so I don't give the credence that you give to the Constitution, even to the Articles of Confederation, other than there are people getting enriched "of the vehicles" in order to hoodwink a lot of general people "in the street". And that's going on now. But with that in mind, so that's sort of an outlook that I take into consideration.
And if you look at the Social Security system – that is a corporate fiction which you're enslaved by. That you were given a number and that number is controlled through the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and the United Nations Treaties oversee that. And the monarchy in England and the Vatican threw that original structure – they are both involved in the corporate structure in the U.S. [and Canada]. You can't escape from that.
What I'm looking at, specifically, is the legal structure which is set up from that arrangement. You know, if you're gonna fight a war, you're gonna use the same sword that your enemy is using, because it's got two edges. And you cut your enemy with the same sword that they would cut you with.


I don't believe the special power of the Computerweb lies in missionizing, Greg. No, definitely not, and that for a lot of reasons. Let it to Alex, their "9/11" Joker and false flag cheap-Jack of the N.W.O., that false flag Lewis Prothero, never mentioning the "Universal City of God" or the "Civilization of Love". Let it to him to preach like an end-of-the-world priest. Let it to him to preach like a fanatic. You never did that, of course, don't get me wrong, I'm just talking about the principle here: If you want to be or think of yourself of being "more" than just a student resp. teacher, I'd presume you have generally already lost (a bit of) your standing within the online research community. For example, how many public correspondences have you done over the last years? I'm asking because the most astonishing thing about the cyberspace for me is that (almost?) no one uses it to conduct a conversation in public, you know. Why is that? Maybe you can imagine what kind of answer would probably follow from a piety-theoretical, piety-scientific viewpoint.


What Jim Walker found out:
Much of the myth of Washington's alleged Christianity came from Mason Weems influential book "Life of Washington". The story of the cherry tree comes from this book and it has no historical basis. Weems, a Christian minister portrayed Washington as a devout Christian, yet Washington's own diaries show that he rarely attended Church.
Washington revealed almost nothing to indicate his spiritual frame of mind, hardly a mark of a devout Christian. In his thousands of letters, the name of Jesus Christ never appears. He rarely spoke about his religion, but his Freemasonry experience points to a belief in deism. Washington's initiation occurred at the Fredericksburg Lodge on 4 November 1752, later becoming a Master mason in 1799, and remained a freemason until he died.
To the United Baptist Churches in Virginia in May, 1789, Washington said that every man "ought to be protected in worshipping the Deity according to the dictates of his own conscience."
After Washington's death, Dr. Abercrombie, a friend of his, replied to a Dr. Wilson, who had interrogated him about Washington's religion replied, "Sir, Washington was a Deist."


When a newsman on CNN exposes the N.W.O., you can be sure there is a planned revolution coming up in the US. Alex Jones is a big part of it. I got tired of O.G. shouting it because to me it's obvious, but it seems it's not that obvious to everybody. I mean, come on, how could Alex Jones enter the secretive Bohemian Grove if he had not been invited before. Those images were meant to inflame American Christians and to put before their eyes a Satanic flavored conspiracy. Watch closely the movie "A Scanner Darkly". Alex Jones appears in it exactly as he is: a false prophet. Also you can find in the same movie Templar and Masonic symbolism in the house. I don't listen to Jones but I bet he even bitches about Hollywood, then turns his back and goes collaborating with the industry.

O.G.'s response on January 1, 2008)
You are absolutely correct. He wants to give the impression they are Satanists and not Christians that are observing Christianity's pagan heritage. Simple as that.
Like this pic Alex excludes in his documentary and archives of the grove. If you check out the history of Sonoma County you will see it was established by Mission San Francisco Solano and the Franciscan missionaries. Which would explain this pic Alex also conveniently excludes. That is either a Franciscan friar or someone dressed as one, notice pious robes and the bare feet. They were every bit as extreme as the Jesuits even though I spend more time talking about the Jesuits, the Franciscans have their own sordid history as well.
I have reason to believe Nancy Pelosi is a Franciscan sister. I found historical evidence that showed there was a Franciscan by the name of Father Pelosi during the early foundations of this country that settled in Pennsylvania, and he noted the devoted work of the newly incorporated Franciscan sisters and their hard efforts. I think her husband Paul Pelosi comes from that lineage, but Paul was educated at Jesuit Georgetown University, so there is that too. She made a comment that she was Franciscan to the core, which I founded remarkably similar to the comment the Pope had made just shortly before, that he was Bavarian to the core, which may have been an indication that he was Bavarian Illuminati, which would be to say he was Jesuit.
Which could be the reason the current Black Pope can go ahead and step down from his lifelong appointed position later this month. Plus one of the duties of a Franciscan Sister is that they remain a stay at home mom until the very last fledgling is out of the nest, which is what happened with Nancy (#6). Which would mean, our choices for Speaker of the House was between the Franciscan Nancy Pelosi and the Jesuit John Boehner, just like we had two Skull and Bones members to choose from. And Skull and Bones is really just a recruiting ground for the Jesuits.

And the reason I spend so much time talking about Alex Jones is that he is a huge detriment to any form of ultimate truth. People accredit him for waking them up, but that's not necessarily true, because they were the ones already out looking for truth and he was the one poised to give them all the answers they were looking for. And if it's anti-government information you are looking for, Alex pulls few punches. But when it comes to exposing the real perpetrators that have the actual means to pull off all the manipulation required and the devotion for the primary members to keep it all secret ... that's when he resorts to his talk about anonymous, shadowy, Luciferian Controllers.
Now this guy could keep a secret.

The legend is especially indebted for its growth to the Jesuit historiographer Boleslaus Balbinus, the "Bohemian Pliny", whose Vita beati Joannis Nepomuceni martyris was published in Prague, 1670. Although the Prague metropolitan chapter did not accept the biography dedicated to it, "as being frequently destitute of historical foundation and erroneous, a bungling work of mythological rhetoric," Balbinus stuck to it. In 1683 the Charles Bridge was adorned with a statue of the saint, which has had numerous successors. In 1708 the first church was dedicated to him at Hradec Králové, a more famous Pilgrimage Church of Saint John of Nepomuk was founded in 1719. Meanwhile, in spite of the objection of the Jesuits, the process was inaugurated which ended with his canonization. On May 31, 1721, he was beatified, and on March 19, 1729, he was canonized under Pope Benedict XIII. The acts of the process, comprising 500 pages, distinguish two Johns of Nepomuk and sanction the cult of the one who was drowned in 1383 as a martyr of the sacrament of penance.
According to some Protestant sources the figure of St. John Nepomuk is a legend due to Jesuits and its historical kernel is really Jan Hus, who was metamorphosed from a Bohemian Reformer into a Roman Catholic saint: the Nepomuk story would be based on Wenceslaus Hajek's blending of the Jan who was drowned in 1393 and the Jan who was burned in 1415. The resemblances are certainly striking, extending to the manner of celebrating their commemorations. But when the Jesuits came to Prague, the Nepomuk veneration had long been widespread, and the idea of canonization originated in opposition not to the Hussites, but to Protestantism, as a weapon of the Counter-Reformation. In the image of the saint which gradually arose, the religious history of Bohemia is reflected.

It's also why Alex declares Prince Bernhard the mastermind behind Bilderberg when it was really Jesuit hopeful and Knight of Malta Joseph Retinger, not to be confused with the Nazi/Illuminati/Jesuit Pope Joesph Ratzinger. Retinger would have been a Jesuit and would have rose to become Black Pope, instead of his just Grey Pope nickname, but could not remain a celibate lifestyle. Daniel Estulin, the "Bilderberg expert" has said as much, in his words he called Bernhard a facade and posterboy, that Retinger was the man with all the power. But Alex acted like with me he couldn't find the time to include this. Yet he came out with a 1.5 version of Endgame and the information is still not included. But why even accredit the creation to anyone at all if you are just going to say, it was a complete and total phony?
I like how Alex had Estulin on after I called into his show, and all they talked about was this cooked up story Estulin was claiming, that he has information from anonymous intelligence sources saying Ron Paul is a target of assassination. Alex didn't have to talk about anything I brought up with him about Retinger.
Another fallacy about Alex Jones is that he predicted "9/11". Wrong. William Cooper did one month before Alex. Alex can say he never heard it and say it as many times as he wants to. William Cooper is still documented as having done so one month before he did and this was at a time when Cooper's show was number 1.
Cooper also called him a bold faced coward liar, so I tend to believe he is lying he never heard William Coopers "9/11" prediction. This was just 30 days before Coopers death.
Alex is a turd that needs to be flushed because he is performing as the biggest Gatekeeper of them all. [...]
Me saying Alex Jones is a shill is not paranoia, it is an observation supported by many facts. I can say just as easily that what you call paranoia on my part is negligence on your own part. Negligence for not looking into the bullshit Alex is spoon feeding you.

You may not agree with everything these men say but you need to stop seeing enemies where non exist and these people are your friends. I may add, our only friends ...
That is your opinion that Alex is not an enemy. He has you chasing your own tail and you are too stubborn to look at the evidence and admit it. Just because he occasionally tells you what you want to hear does not make him our greatest ally. You can count Alex as being among your friends if you want to but I know better. If worse comes to worse and you are stuck in a foxhole with ol Alex, all I can say is don't turn your back on him for a second. [...]
I didnt say he is fake, I said the subject matter they were talking about was fabricated bullshit. BIG difference. He may have had this information planted to him and he fell for it. I never said he cooked up the story himself. I just found it very convenient for Alex that he has him on the show and Bilderberg is not discussed at all. Which means Alex did not have to discuss Joseph Retinger, because Estulin could have been asked and he either would have had to support what I confronted Alex about on his show, or he would have to say he was mistaken because he is on the record as having stated Prince Bernhard is a facade and Retinger was the real deal.

Geoff Matthews) Who was the most prominent individual involved with the founding of the Bilderbergers?
Daniel Estulin) Without a doubt, Joseph Retinger, a 33rd degree mason.
GM) Oh really!? I thought that it was Prince Bernhard of Holland who actually founded the secret Club.
DE) Bernhard was a poster boy. A pretty face and a facade.

Just because your paranoid does not mean they are ALL out to get you. Just because you think you are right does not make you right by default. Until you have more to offer on the subject than just your opinions, then perhaps you should just stick with what you are good at and just looking pretty and giving an occasional opinion on subjects that dont amount to much.
Thank you for the compliment ...
So even though you may think I am unjustly paranoid, at least I bring some actual research and documented facts to the table and not just opinions based on ignorance.
To me ignorance is jumping to conclusions without any evidence to back up outlandish claims. So far, you have failed to provide any in regards to Alex Jones.
To me ignorance is simply lack of knowledge or understanding about a particular subject. I am saying you are ignorant of the issues I bring up about Alex and fail to understand their signification and relation. Dont you think not mentioning the Patron Saint of the Grove in 2 documentaries and 7 years worth of archiving is a pretty big thing to miss about the Grove?

Why are you sticking up for the Bohemian Grove so much anyway?
Not sticking up for the Grove. I am painting a more complete picture. The picture Alex paints is wrong and leads truth seekers down a false Satanic impression. They are not worshiping that owl as Moloch and to jump to that conclusion is premature and irresponsible. On top of everything I have in my Minerva vs Moloch video ... the 3rd degree of the Illuminati is Minerval or Brother of Minerva. That owl represents Minerva/Athena/Inanna/Isthar or whatever the hell you want to call her and she adorns Alex's capitol building and he calls her Diana, even though she carries a sword and Diana carries a bow and has no dealings with mans public affairs whatsoever, he still insists that is Diana the Goddess of the Hunt. [...]
[...] The fact that Catholicism got its roots from paganism is strange in and of itself. [...] We are not talking about mainstream Christianity. There is nothing mainstream about the power elites that attend the Bohemian Grove. And the Templars were burned, so their money could be confiscated and split between a King and the Vatican. [...] The pagan aspects about Christianity are as far removed from mainstream as you can possibly get and for good reason. No mainstream Catholic or Christian would understand these designed rituals, ceremonies and theatrical plays. [...]
If Alex is sincere, then he is still nitpicking on what he chooses to discuss and if the perpa-traitors are Jesuits and Knights of Malta and their ilk, then Alex is inadvertently covering for them. Even though I tend to think it is a deliberate act on his part. Whatever it is he is involved in, I think he believes he is on the right team. Which is what most godly men do believe.

"Typical Alex Jones! All he can talk about is the nameless, faceless 'elite'. To his credit he names the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds but he wouldn't DARE name who they work for! Neither would Lindsey Williams. Both are either Vatican shills, or devout cowards, or both!" EricIndiana

"Probably because Alex Jones is a CIA agent, who was chosen by the CIA to become the new misleader of the truth movement. So William Cooper had to be assassinated and forgotten, so Alex Jones could become the glorious champion of truth and justice that people think he is. In reality he mixes truth with lies and covers up important details. His job is to prepare us for what's to come."

Jesse Woodrow)
"I found a blatant lie in 9/11 The Road To Tyranny when I wasn't even really looking for it. Alex says, don't believe me, read it for yourself. So I read the document and it says nothing what he says. Why does Alex say don't believe me, do your own research? He is mocking/imitating Bill Coopers statement. If you really look into it, Alex Jones was set up as a mimic of Bill Cooper but with the twist of fear mongering the people and getting them to rise up against the government.
I emailed one of the bobsy uk twins and told him about the descrepency. I sent an email to the Alex Jones email address on his website. Silence. I heard nothing back. I told one of the bobsy twins I wanted to advertise on the website, I heard back the same day. So, that only confirms what you are saying. I tried to find out why he said what he did when the document didn't say that. They blew me off. Now they must be held liable. Have you ever seen what happens to people who act on Alex Jones information? Watch half way through that mockumentary when Alex Jones is so proud of his listener being attacked by a police dog. Why did Alex sound so happy about it happening?"

Kenny Benwau)
There is much to chew on here. I'm going to isolate and save this particular thread and use your keywords to help myself get a clearer picture, although you have laid out the groundwork quite nicely as to make my task much easier. However, you are right, without a doubt, about Ed and Elaine Brown. Alex support for Ed Brown ended at the point where Ed starting spouting off about the Jesuits. Coincidence? I doubt it. You nailed that one for sure. While in prison, Ed would often talk about the Jesuits during his phone privileges. Even the people who were trying to secure his release were somewhat taken back by Ed's Jesuit comments. He talked so much about the Jesuits by phone to anybody who would listen that he finally lost his phone privileges for a year. Of course the authorities concocted some lame excuse saying that Ed had heard a tape recording via phone of Elaine's voice which was a violation of prison rules, but we now know what that real reason was. Ed would talk about the layout of his cell, and other rooms, and the entire compound as triangular in shape each with sets of cameras as in the "all seeing eye". He said the Jesuits "control everything". He said he "underestimated the cruelty of these people" and stated the "Jesuits will overthrow the country". I guess that was enough for someone to put a lid on him. Haven't heard anything since. He has since been shifted around from place to place and I have no clue where he is now. One of the last things he said before losing his phone privileges was that if anything should happen to him or Elaine, it will be because of the "Jesuits". He emphasized that several times. I think Elaine is still somewhere at a Greenwich CT facility and doing OK but am not even sure of that.
As for the other extra goodies you provided, I'm sure there will be a plethora of revelations to come from all this. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I sure hope you are who you say you are ... lol. Thanks OG for all your insight.

John McGuire)
You could be on to something here. Other people in the same line of work (alternative media) have suffered untimely deaths or illnesses. Most are continually dealing with their servers being crashed and/or corrupted, and are continually being harrassed, attacked or issued death threats.
Yet, Alex Jones seems off-limits to all of the usual stuff that his comtemporaries continually endure. With his megaphone and cameras and mikes, screaming at all of the very powerful N.W.O. figures – in some instances, directly confronting them – one wonders how he could go on so long completely unscathed. Sure, there is the occasional arrest at a big public rally (which often seems to paint the protesting group, as a whole, to look like angry nutjobs), as AJ defiantly marches off with Police – not being beaten half to death, as commonly occurs at other such rallies he fails to attend ... And, of course, after it's all over, he is released – again, not beaten up – and that's the end of the matter. Only a fool would observe this continual pattern and not question it ... Things are way too polished and smooth in AJ's world, for the type of work he does.
Greg Szymanski has directly identified Alex Jones as a CIA asset. I will not deny that there is a lot of good intel that comes through Alex Jones's sites and this blog, but there is A PILE of stuff THAT IS OMITTED, also. Also, it is a well-known fact that the "9-11 Truth Movement" has been infiltrated by a host of government "agent provocateurs", in order to sabotage any real constructive work the group might acomplish (as well as keep tabs on them). There are many people who think AJ is just such: ...
Also, what often stands out to me here is WHAT ISN'T PRESENTED. There is a lot of relevant information and current news which does not even get mentioned here, or on either of his sites ... with the intel connections he obviously has, one has to wonder, 'why no mention?' ... Rather than blindly following someone we don't even know personally – whose prime motivation, at least on the surface, seems to be generating revenue – perhaps we should all do some research, and apply some reasoning.
Is his purpose to inform, or is it to trainwreck any attempts to challenge the status quo? Are we being diverted away from what is happening on another front – while we focus on "global warming" bull, or listen to another scholar's "9/11 opinions" that never change anything? Do we get enough inside intel here to lend credibility – even on a subconscious level – WHILE WE DO NOTHING, since someone is apparently speaking up on our behalf?
... Is the purpose of this blog to inform us, or keep tabs on us?
I am not intimidated by any of these scenarios, and continue to contribute here – despite what appears obvious to me. The only real hope any of us have at this point seems to be the "life beyond" – if you know the agenda of the Illuminati/NWO, we will all be exterminated or slaves within a few years, anyway ... We are clearly living in the very "end times", as described by The Bible, in Revelation (and elsewhere).
I suggest to anyone reading this that you DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ... KEEP AN OPEN MIND ... AND USE SOME INTELLIGENCE. Also, I would even more strongly urge you to get your life right before God Almighty, as WE WILL ALL STAND BEFORE HIM ONE DAY, to give an account of how we used our time and resources while stewards, here on his creation. [...]
Irregardless of the true purpose of this blog, and whomever AJ may or may not be working for, it is a good place to exchange ideas and information – and there are a number of really solid contributors, whose perspectives and information I enjoy reading and benefit from. I, personally, try to fill in some of the holes regarding serious news which isn't presented here ... I know there are others who do the same.

What EricIndiana calls "forms of ultimate truth" seems to me a matter of depth. I mean, most of the very manipulating corporate mainstream (the german variant educated of course by Concordia) gives the impression of being horrifyingly (or/and hauntingly) sketchy and helplessly tattered in comparison with the articulately deeper going but also very twisting and spinning "'9/11' Truth" Conspiracy Mainstream where the modern vicious and sophisticated Jesuit Shepherd's Fold of scientific capitalist/communist dialectics is pretty successfully looking for its newest hideout. The ultimate depth, so to say, lies beneath those two leading opinion streams as the peak of the pyramid of power ("pyro a mid" = a fire in the middle – Ignatius, the fiery – Mithraic Mysteries) is enthroned in the similar but inverted way on top of all flexecutive levels down to the political Ground Zero.
The revolutionary Cyberweb not only makes all networks of hidden power and the whole architecture of secret circles within non-secret organizations transparent, it shows furthermore precisely how opinion streams are actually working (and how they rule the public in general) as well as the corporate nature of our western Christian societies with their Papal template of artificial incorporated personalities like in a mirror.
Our absolute decisive issue of the more or less only decision making, ultimative and absolutist backbone of the almost allmighty Roman British imperialistic "machine" – consisting of all types of secret, half-secret and non-hidden organizations – in the form of the "pride" Jesuit professes/priest soldiers is that much meta and off the hook, so that only hihgly interested parties can understand its importance to some extent, because like the biblical "chief corner stone", Jesus Christ, symbolizes a mysterious god-person in heaven, so the brotherhood of the "Jesuses quasi praesens" in the order with the strictest loyalty requires the deepest and most difficult "'9/11' Truth"-research level. The army under its Luciferian majesty, the black secretary general, does constitute the last line of defence and a nearly perfect insurance for all other priests, knights, masons, mormons, mafiosi, mercenaries, bankers, corporate, military and police officers, bureaucrats, politicians, journalists, laywers and so on. The information about the dominance of Jesuit worldwide influence is certainly the most profound of all cultural scouting attempts, and without connecting all ranks of real political power to a coherent unit, a verifiable copy, a meticulous model from the veiled temporal apparatus of the Papacy with its most relevant sections, we probably may not have a real chance against the maelstrom of two mainstreams initiated on September 11, 2001.

The Knights of Malta are "the militia of the Pope, and are sworn to total obedience by a blood oath which is taken extremely seriously and to the death.. The Pope as the head of the Vatican is also the head of a foreign national power. [...] Those who are presently members of the Knights of Malta must on penalty of death support those policies advocated by the Vatican. It is not hard for them to do this. They believe in these policies and principles. The polices which are espoused and proclaimed by Pope John Paul II. are as follows:
1. End of sovereignty for the United States and other countries.
2. End of absolute property rights.
3. End of all gun rights.
4. The new international economic order (world government).
5. The redistribution of wealth and jobs.
6. Calls for nations to trust the United Nations.
7. Total disarmament.
8. Promote the United Nations as the hope for peace.
9. Promote UNESCO, the deadly educational and cultural arm of the United Nations.
10. Promote interdependence.
11. Support sanctions honoring Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the New Age humanist priest.
12. Support the belief that the economic principle of traditional Christian or Catholic social doctrine is the economic principle of communism.
13. Promote the Pope as the acting go-between for the United States and the Soviet Union.
The secret society members in the high levels of political and economic power – if they are not the actual decision-makers – are OWNED by others. They are compromised by the freedom of their will. They chose to believe what they believe."

EricIndiana calls the Skull and Bones Society a "recruiting ground for the Jesuits". I'm not sure whether his conception is in accordance to mine which considers Yale's bonesmen club rather as some sort of training facility in a way where a "David Webb" became Jason Bourne, for example. The core of the fellowship or its main purpose is made up to get fresh aspirants on a short leash, I believe, like in the movie "Fightclub" or along the critical question to Webb/Bourne: "Will you commit to this program?"

December 13, 2009

It has begun

It has begun

Here come the Freemen – non-Catholic.
No longer being obedient to church/state mega mumbo-jumbo with the Knights of Jesus as the self-declared gods on earth.

Men of the Church like Makow, Melanson and many other devout American Papists, the Catholic column of controlled conspiracists, can't talk about it, Maxwell can.
He was one of the biggest icebreakers in bringing this ground-breaking issue to public attention.

There is a distinct front line that can be marked, and then everybody can decide for himself to live free or stay mind controlled and "shepherded" by the most brainwashed and thus most ruthless people on the planet.

Even in Loyola's own mind the idea did not take immediate and final shape. For years he gave himself up to a personal training which should fit him for the end he had in view: prayer and fasting, study and travel, the subjugation of the flesh, the education of the brain, the purification of the spirit, to these he devoted himself.

Mr. Loyalty in 1553: "I beseech you by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ: bestir you to subjugate and subdue the most highbred and difficult part of your mind, reason and judgement."

"The Federal Reserve is more secretive than the CIA." Alan Grayson
12/07'09 EJP) Dollar Bubble: Black Pope's Fed to destroy the once Protestant Dollar

This video accurately describes the coming hyperinflation, the ruination of the once gold and silver-backed Protestant Dollar, having been replaced with the Black Pope's Federal Reserve Note since 1965. All the Protestant personages on the American currencies will be "gone with the wind". Those persons include Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, and McKinley. The entity responsible is the Federal Reserve Bank – patterned after the Papacy – with its three huge windows at the entrance, symbolizing the Vatican's pagan trinity of Osiris-Horus-Isis!
In William Greider's Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country Roman Catholic Richard Syron, former vice president of the Boston Fed and special assistant to Fed chairman/CFR-member Paul Volcker, clearly stated on page 54:

The System is just like the Church. That's probably why I feel so comfortable with it. It's got a pope, the chairman, and a college of cardinals, the governors. And bank presidents. And a curia, the senior staff. The equivalent of the laity is the commercial banks. If you're a naughty parishioner in the Catholic Church, you come to confession. In this system, if you're naughty, you come to the Discount window for a loan. We even have different orders of religious thought like Jesuits and Franciscans and Dominicans only we call them pragmatists and monetarists and neo-Keynesians.

The deliberately destroyed "Dollar" will be replaced with Rome's "Amero", linking Roman Catholic Mexico, apostate Protestant Canada/Roman Catholic Quebec and apostate Protestant/Roman Catholic America into the North American Union. After the crash will come the religious ("Christian" vs Muslim) and racial (white vs black) "Civil War II", justifying martial law, the subsequent opening of the concentration camps, and the fascist-cherished moving of the capital to Denver, Colorado, as planned since 1940. The end will be America's Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion facilitated by Red China's huge navy built with scrap U.S. steel, including steel from the CIA/NSA/FBI-demolished World Trade Center and the "Cash for Clunkers" swindle.
The solution is first spiritual – repentance and belief of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and then temporal – State secession. Once a State secedes, it can then assert its own national sovereignty once again. The new nation-state can then begin to resolve the problems created by Rome and her multitude of secret societies through Washington, D.C. The video is well done with key personages being interviewed – yet, as usual, no mention is made of Rome and its henchman, the Society of Jesus.

I'm pretty sure I can predict already that this implied front line will finally be found between the much-loved Mafia mentality, practically belonging to the thoroughly mendacious Catholic official belief, and an anti-blind-obedience movement, led by true Freemen (on the land) leading off the fight against the Roman British corporate legal fiction system that enslaves everybody into a mobbed-up society.

And if the Romish one-billion people of church believers actually want their Papal sun god pharaoh to rule the world on behalf of a "civilization of love", of course, and by "charity in truth" ("Truth opens and unites our minds in the lógos of love – this is the Christian proclamation and testimony of charity."), then we'll probably get the Black Pope's sort of Equilibrium, guaranteed for eternity through chip implants with Litvinenko option.

12/12'09 Archbishop of Canterbury meets with Black Pope Adolfo Nicolás

The Archbishop Of Canterbury is Rowan Williams. Williams is also a high-level, English Freemason, though he claims otherwise. Thus we see the Pope of Rome using one of his occult Freemasons leading the Anglican Church of England back to the "Unholy Father" of Rome. Again, Jesuit-authored and directed, Illuminized Freemasonry is THE GREAT TOOL of Satan's Black Pope to unite the apostate, Reformation Bible-rejecting, Protestant churches of Western Civilization under the headship of "His Unholiness" – Pope Benedict XVI. Once the churches are re-united with Rome, the governments of those once White Protestant nations will be absolutely ruled by the Pope, pure and simple. As go the Protestant and Baptist churches, so go the once Protestant governments born out of the Reformation. The abominable, ecumenical "Manhattan Declaration" – uniting Roman Catholics with Protestants and Evangelicals – is paving the way for the Jesuit-directed, Council for National Policy-backed, "New Right" Roman Fascism. Apostate Protestant and Baptist churches – without question – breed tyrannical governments as in America today. That totalitarian, Jesuit-led, Papal rule reverting the world back to Rome's Dark Ages is to be realized through the North American Union and the European Union. Recently, Archbishop Williams had lunch with Jesuit General Nicolás after meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican. We wonder what topics must have been discussed …

He said one of the issues was Phase III of the formal dialogue between the two churches.
That dialogue began in 1967 with the establishment of ARCIC. The first phase ended in 1981, while Phase II lasted from 1983 to 2004. The archbishop said that "informal talks" between Anglican and Roman Catholic representatives would "set the agenda" for the commission's long-term work. [...] On Nov. 20, Cardinal Kasper and Archbishop Williams jointly led an Evening Prayer service at the Oratory of Saint Francis Xavier del Caravita, not far from the Anglican Centre and the Gregorian University, in the heart of Rome.

This level of control is hidden.

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