December 13, 2009

It has begun

It has begun

Here come the Freemen – non-Catholic.
No longer being obedient to church/state mega mumbo-jumbo with the Knights of Jesus as the self-declared gods on earth.

Men of the Church like Makow, Melanson and many other devout American Papists, the Catholic column of controlled conspiracists, can't talk about it, Maxwell can.
He was one of the biggest icebreakers in bringing this ground-breaking issue to public attention.

There is a distinct front line that can be marked, and then everybody can decide for himself to live free or stay mind controlled and "shepherded" by the most brainwashed and thus most ruthless people on the planet.

Even in Loyola's own mind the idea did not take immediate and final shape. For years he gave himself up to a personal training which should fit him for the end he had in view: prayer and fasting, study and travel, the subjugation of the flesh, the education of the brain, the purification of the spirit, to these he devoted himself.

Mr. Loyalty in 1553: "I beseech you by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ: bestir you to subjugate and subdue the most highbred and difficult part of your mind, reason and judgement."

"The Federal Reserve is more secretive than the CIA." Alan Grayson
12/07'09 EJP) Dollar Bubble: Black Pope's Fed to destroy the once Protestant Dollar

This video accurately describes the coming hyperinflation, the ruination of the once gold and silver-backed Protestant Dollar, having been replaced with the Black Pope's Federal Reserve Note since 1965. All the Protestant personages on the American currencies will be "gone with the wind". Those persons include Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, and McKinley. The entity responsible is the Federal Reserve Bank – patterned after the Papacy – with its three huge windows at the entrance, symbolizing the Vatican's pagan trinity of Osiris-Horus-Isis!
In William Greider's Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country Roman Catholic Richard Syron, former vice president of the Boston Fed and special assistant to Fed chairman/CFR-member Paul Volcker, clearly stated on page 54:

The System is just like the Church. That's probably why I feel so comfortable with it. It's got a pope, the chairman, and a college of cardinals, the governors. And bank presidents. And a curia, the senior staff. The equivalent of the laity is the commercial banks. If you're a naughty parishioner in the Catholic Church, you come to confession. In this system, if you're naughty, you come to the Discount window for a loan. We even have different orders of religious thought like Jesuits and Franciscans and Dominicans only we call them pragmatists and monetarists and neo-Keynesians.

The deliberately destroyed "Dollar" will be replaced with Rome's "Amero", linking Roman Catholic Mexico, apostate Protestant Canada/Roman Catholic Quebec and apostate Protestant/Roman Catholic America into the North American Union. After the crash will come the religious ("Christian" vs Muslim) and racial (white vs black) "Civil War II", justifying martial law, the subsequent opening of the concentration camps, and the fascist-cherished moving of the capital to Denver, Colorado, as planned since 1940. The end will be America's Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion facilitated by Red China's huge navy built with scrap U.S. steel, including steel from the CIA/NSA/FBI-demolished World Trade Center and the "Cash for Clunkers" swindle.
The solution is first spiritual – repentance and belief of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and then temporal – State secession. Once a State secedes, it can then assert its own national sovereignty once again. The new nation-state can then begin to resolve the problems created by Rome and her multitude of secret societies through Washington, D.C. The video is well done with key personages being interviewed – yet, as usual, no mention is made of Rome and its henchman, the Society of Jesus.

I'm pretty sure I can predict already that this implied front line will finally be found between the much-loved Mafia mentality, practically belonging to the thoroughly mendacious Catholic official belief, and an anti-blind-obedience movement, led by true Freemen (on the land) leading off the fight against the Roman British corporate legal fiction system that enslaves everybody into a mobbed-up society.

And if the Romish one-billion people of church believers actually want their Papal sun god pharaoh to rule the world on behalf of a "civilization of love", of course, and by "charity in truth" ("Truth opens and unites our minds in the lógos of love – this is the Christian proclamation and testimony of charity."), then we'll probably get the Black Pope's sort of Equilibrium, guaranteed for eternity through chip implants with Litvinenko option.

12/12'09 Archbishop of Canterbury meets with Black Pope Adolfo Nicolás

The Archbishop Of Canterbury is Rowan Williams. Williams is also a high-level, English Freemason, though he claims otherwise. Thus we see the Pope of Rome using one of his occult Freemasons leading the Anglican Church of England back to the "Unholy Father" of Rome. Again, Jesuit-authored and directed, Illuminized Freemasonry is THE GREAT TOOL of Satan's Black Pope to unite the apostate, Reformation Bible-rejecting, Protestant churches of Western Civilization under the headship of "His Unholiness" – Pope Benedict XVI. Once the churches are re-united with Rome, the governments of those once White Protestant nations will be absolutely ruled by the Pope, pure and simple. As go the Protestant and Baptist churches, so go the once Protestant governments born out of the Reformation. The abominable, ecumenical "Manhattan Declaration" – uniting Roman Catholics with Protestants and Evangelicals – is paving the way for the Jesuit-directed, Council for National Policy-backed, "New Right" Roman Fascism. Apostate Protestant and Baptist churches – without question – breed tyrannical governments as in America today. That totalitarian, Jesuit-led, Papal rule reverting the world back to Rome's Dark Ages is to be realized through the North American Union and the European Union. Recently, Archbishop Williams had lunch with Jesuit General Nicolás after meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican. We wonder what topics must have been discussed …

He said one of the issues was Phase III of the formal dialogue between the two churches.
That dialogue began in 1967 with the establishment of ARCIC. The first phase ended in 1981, while Phase II lasted from 1983 to 2004. The archbishop said that "informal talks" between Anglican and Roman Catholic representatives would "set the agenda" for the commission's long-term work. [...] On Nov. 20, Cardinal Kasper and Archbishop Williams jointly led an Evening Prayer service at the Oratory of Saint Francis Xavier del Caravita, not far from the Anglican Centre and the Gregorian University, in the heart of Rome.

This level of control is hidden.