December 6, 2009 entries 2009

EJP lopo news entries 2
12/01'09 Brother Chris exposes Mayan Calendar 2012 deception
11/06'09 Arab American Sunni Moslem murders 14, wounds 30 at Fort Hood news entries 1
11/04'09 Knights of Malta and J.P. Morgan financial colossus
11/04'09 Russell Blaylock: Countering forced vaccinations
10/29'09 Former Finnish Minister of Health speaks out on Swine Flu scandal and about "The Elite"
10/28'09 Calvin, history's premier destroyer of Jesuit communism
10/28'09 Canadian comments on Anglican Reunion with Rome mail entries 3
12/02'09 EJP explains use of the term "Nigga" on LRL and in private
12/02'09 EJP corrected by Romanist: "perfidious" Jews eliminiated in 1960
12/02'09 EJP replies to Brother Michael, an honorably retired Portland police officer mail entries 2
10/20'09 The Count on Jesuitism and Occult Freemasonry
10/21'09 EJP answers Italian count on State Senator Larry Farnese of Pennsylvania
10/21'09 EJP replies to Lebanese Christian attorney
11/09'09 Hannes from Austria on Jesuit programming mail entries 1
10/06'09 Muslim scholar and EJP
10/20'09 EJP replies to questions of Muslim scholar