November 24, 2009

Investigative Journal comments 2


"I think this is a typically crafty thing for a Mason to say. I think that if you look at the occult symbols of the Masonic aprons of Washington, they speak for themselves. It is said that Washington and Weishaupt were doubles. Masonry had been occult from the time that the Knights Templar landed in Scotland. The American and French Revolutions were naught but the English and French Masons working together with their 'worshipful brothers' in the colonies to gain parity with the Monarchy in England and destroy it entirely in favor of mercantilism in France. I think that both the US and Israel are artificial Masonic constructs. Just look at the Supreme Court building of the State of Israel. That's what I think."
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Canada's current Chief Justice is Beverly McLachlan. Here she is wearing the traditional robes of the office.

11/19'09 Catholics like Joseph don't care about freedom at all

One of the most devout among the devout ones, Joe Fromm, went through the Ignatian Exercises and now he's convinced that freedom would be something that Judas stands with his life for ... as "antithesis", of course, antithesis. In other words, thoughts about living free, which means living without the murderous as well as soapy and slimy (spiritual and political) wardship of the priestly "fathers" including all of their wannabe followers, are considered by him as anti. When "free" equals "anti", "devout" behaviour appears to be "normal". Matching the norm is what Loyal Joe wishes for the most as the best way of life he seems to be able of thinking of. This particular characteristic makes him in my eyes to a shining prototype of what conspiracy theorists call "sheeple" (in doing so almost all of them sadly not seeing the glaring sheep-shepherd connection and therefore unfortunately not being aware of this second false flag public-opinion mainstream, intentionally and very skillfully misdirected by leading "9/11" truth protagonists like Jones/Tarpley/Griffin). From a piety-theoretical viewpoint there is nothing that will ever unsettle this kind of faith in his god represented by the Roman brotherhoods, because in such a thoroughgoing, total collectivist mind set where freedom is equivalent to treason, Mr. Fromm just loves being incorporated by "God" in form of a dogmatic society of Jesus-like conformists. And incorporated according to his theory mostly for a happy afterlife! What does it matter that his real life proceeds in its social dimension as a (legal) fiction? Nothing! Not. A. Bit. That's where the frontline goes, I believe. Exactly at this point.
Therefore the main methods and principles of how the Roman brotherhoods under the Catholic fold (in its 3 meanings) succeed in generating devoutness with a romantic semblance across the board have to be found and formulated. And this specific knowledge about the corresponding manufactures of "holy" celebrities within and outside of the Church, "icons for the masses to illumining them", cultural saints or simply gods of culture, so to speak, could become a key for a deeper understanding of the ongoing process of mental enslavement, called Inculturation by the Jesuits, of which "9/11" is a considerable part.

"Hallo, das ist ganz schön starker Tobak, wie man so sagt. Wem soll ich jetzt glauben? Dir oder den Zeugnissen (in Wort und Leben) von Maximilian Kolbe, Theresa von Kalkutta, Bernadette Soubirous, Giovanni Bosco bis zu Simon Petrus und Paulus von Tarsus?
Hey hey, this is, as the saying goes, pretty strong stuff. Whom shall I believe now? You or the testimonies (in words and deeds) of Maximilian Kolbe, Mother Teresa, Bernadette Soubirous, John Bosco right up to Simon Peter and Paul of Tarsus?"
You see? Canonized individuals can counterbalance whole crusades, wars, genocides, conquests, simply every single cardinal crime. Like Jesus himself.


If a political instrument like Brookhiser points out, "what George Washington made a good president was that he was able to pick people and then he was willing to trust them," what could it mean?

Excellent comment, Geus. Very powerful.


Bush, the idiot.
Hitler, the idot.
But the generals, the "dumb stupid" military men, now and then go and went along with the orders given them by the Cardinal criminals. And that always with a deadpan expression.


Right hand up, please!
From the guy that brought you your new Día del Ejército.
"Loyalty" in the sense of "Loyola". Hail!


A false flag constitution is nothing but a chimera, a phantom.
"The well-ordered Republic: For the Church amongst you, unopposed by the Constitution and the government of your nation, fettered by no hostile legislation, protected against violence by the common laws and the impartiality of the tribunals, is free to live and act without hindrance."
Just listen when the bishops speak! But listen very, very carefully!
"I am so thrilled to know that George Washington died a Catholic. He was our best president."
"Washington was by far our best president, Mary. After his terms it was all downhill."


Craig M. Lyons) It is like a 10,000 piece theological puzzle to which 400 parts are missing, thus giving a false picture of what was intended by the "maker", God. There is only one truth about mankind's Soul and it lies in the dark Skies overhead enlightening the way for the whole of mankind. And we never knew that the path for mankind Spiritual enlightenment and Spiritual development lays over our heads at night. The uranograph has laid silent since the persecutions started with the emergence of Orthodox Roman Christianity in the early 3rd century. But, by no means, think that such persecutions of the Gnostic Christians started this late, because actually it began with Ignatius, Justin Martyr, and Irenaeus in the late Second Century and only gained momentum from there in destroying this "One Faith" intended for the whole of mankind, this Science of the Soul. This "One Faith" and "One Way" for all mankind does not separate mankind and breed hatred and suspicion between mankind, nor is it the cause of wars and untold bloodshed seen in the likes of the Christian inquisition, crusades, progroms, etc. Don't get me wrong, Christianity is not the only world religion to be guilty of such atrocities committed in the name of religion, but their persecution of Judaism, which just happens to teach this Ancient Spiritual Wisdom which they inherited by their biological parents in Ancient Egypt, is a crime of all crimes against mankind and is responsible for the Dark Ages and repression of mankind's development on this planet even today. Two thousand years down the road we, as children growing up in this Western Christian hemisphere, have not one clue about the truth behind our inherited "Jesus Story" or how to accurately interpret out Bibles. Not one clue that the truth is not about some supposed man who was personified and "carnalized" and "literalized" some two thousand years ago by an emerging Gentile anti-Jewish establishment who did not want to live according to "ma'at" and the Laws of God as did Egypt and Egypt's children, the Jewish nation. This terrible Roman "reinterpretation" of Sacred Religious Knowledge of the Soul in the Egyptian religion has robbed mankind today of its righful heritage and plunged the world into the Dark Ages to which mankind has been deliberately trying to emerge in the last two hundred years. The hope for mankind is on the horizon as such knowledge is again seeing the light of day and at the same time exposing the Roman lies and their "way of salvation" which they forced upon the world at the point of a sword for over 1,800 years.


"Caritas in Veritate" or: "All We Need is the Right Major Crisis"

07/07'09 The Romish Pharaoh says: To the bishops, priests and deacons, men and women religious, the lay faithful and all people of good will on integral human development in charity and truth

1. Charity in truth, to which Jesus Christ bore witness by his earthly life and especially by his death and resurrection, is the principal driving force behind the authentic development of every person and of all humanity. Love – caritas – is an extraordinary force which leads people to opt for courageous and generous engagement in the field of justice and peace. It is a force that has its origin in God, Eternal Love and Absolute Truth. Each person finds his good by adherence to God's plan for him, in order to realize it fully: in this plan, he finds his truth, and through adherence to this truth he becomes free (cf. Jn 8:32). To defend the truth, to articulate it with humility and conviction, and to bear witness to it in life are therefore exacting and indispensable forms of charity. Charity, in fact, "rejoices in the truth" (1 Cor 13:6). All people feel the interior impulse to love authentically: love and truth never abandon them completely, because these are the vocation planted by God in the heart and mind of every human person. The search for love and truth is purified and liberated by Jesus Christ from the impoverishment that our humanity brings to it, and he reveals to us in all its fullness the initiative of love and the plan for true life that God has prepared for us. In Christ, charity in truth becomes the Face of his Person, and so on and so forth. See Part 1 of the Popish N.W.O. Encyclical.

A true masterpiece of clerical demagogy!
But it really doesn't get fatter anymore: love ('mostly from a god's death, which mysteriously didn't last besides a couple of hours'), truth – it's all the way in. I'd like to suggest that there is no further progression possible.

For all this, there is urgent need of a true world political authority, as my predecessor Blessed John XXIII indicated some years ago. Such an authority would need to be regulated by law, to observe consistently the principles of subsidiarity & solidarity.

Step by step into the New World Order under the bloody Jesuit Shepherd's Fold …


Speaking of good writing.
1848, from the editor's preface of Abbate Leone's The Jesuit Conspiracy. The Secret Plan
Victor Considérant, London, January 27, 1845)
"I must confess that at that time I did not believe much in the Jesuits, and therefore I was disposed to attach but little importance to the publication of the Conference. It had always struck me that the public did the Jesuits too much honour in giving themselves so much concern about them. I believed indeed that the order was deeply committed to very retrograde ideas, but I did not give it credit for the activity, profundity, or Machiavellian ubiquity generally imputed to it. In a word, to use a phrase that accurately expresses what I then thought, I calculated that at least a discount of from sixty to eighty per cent should be struck off from the current estimate respecting the Jesuits.
As for their obscurantist and retrograde conspiracy, I thought it of no more account against the development of human progress and liberty, than the barriers of sand raised by children against the tides of the ocean. And even now, though enlightened as to the character and intrinsic power of the celebrated Company, I still persist in that opinion. For, however strong the arms that raise it, the anti-democratic barrier is still but a rampart of shifting sand, incapable of stopping the rising tide: at most it can but trouble the clearness of the foremost waves. [...]
But the guarantees afforded by the character of the witness are not the only motives that have convinced me of the authenticity of his testimony. Thousands of proofs, incidents of conversation, questions put at long intervals on delicate points, and imperceptible circumstances of the drama, have always resulted in an agreement so exact, positive, and formal, that truth alone could produce such perfect coaptation. [...]
The utmost skill in lying could not produce a tissue always perfectly smooth in its most delicate interruptions. Imagination may, no doubt, very ingeniously arrange the plot and details of a fiction. But if at long intervals, in the thousand turns of conversation, and without letting the author perceive your drift, you make him talk at random of all the details which the story suggests, then certainly if the web is spurious you will discover many a broken thread. Now, this web of Leone's I have examined with a microscope for months together in every part, and I have not been able to detect in it one broker thread or one knot. I have no doubt, therefore, if the authenticity of the narrative become the subject of serious discussion, that narrator will rise victorious over every difficulty that can be raised up against him. For I do not think that he can encounter any stronger or more numerous that I myself and some of my friends have directly or indirectly set before him. [...]

It seems evident to me that these speeches cannot be the produce of a literary artist's imagination: the imitation of nature is not to be carried to such a pitch. Certainly, it is not a young man, a young Piedmontese priest, though endowed with talent, sensibility, imagination, and good sense, who could have produced such a work. To this day, though his intellect is much more mature and his aquirements considerably enlarged, I do not hesitate to declare Leone quite incapable of composing such a piece. I go further and assert, that there is not one among all the living writers of Europe who could have been capable of doing so. There is in those speeches a mixture of strength, weakness, brilliancy, a variety of styles and views, a composite of puerilities, grandeur, ridiculous hopes, and audacious conceptions, such as no art could create.
Yes, they are surely priests who speak those speeches – not good and simple priests, but proud priests, versed in a profound policy, nurtured in the traditions of an order that regards itself as the citadel and soul of Catholic Theocracy – whose gigantic ambition, whose hopes and whose substance, it has gathered up and condensed. An order whose constant thought is a thought of universal sway, and which ceases not to strive after the possession of influences, positions, and consciences, by the audacious employment of every means. Yes, those who speak thus are indeed men detached from every social tie – emancipated from every obligation of ordinary morality – reckoning as nothing whatever is not the Order, in which they are blended like metals in the melting pot, the corporation, in which they are absorbed as rivers in the sea, the supreme end, to which they remorselessly sacrifice everything – having begun by sacrificing to it each his life, his soul, his free-will, his whole personality. Yes, those are truly the leaders of a mysterious formidable initiation – patient as the drop of water that wears down the rock – prosecuting in darkness its works of centuries over the whole globe – despising men, and founding its strength upon their weakness – covering its political encroachments under the veil of humility and the interests of Heaven – and weaving with invincible perseverance the meshes of the net with which, in the pride that is become its faith, its morals, and its religion, it dreams of enclosing Kings and Peoples, States and Churches, and all mankind.

Now, the Theocratic genius, founding its domination on the alleged interests of God – covering them with the impenetrable veil of the Sanctuary – marching with the infinite resources aquired in a long practice of confession, in a profound study of the human heart, and in the arsenal of all the seductions of matter and mysticism, taking for the auxiliaries of its inimitable design human passions, obscurity, and time – the Theocratic genius – if, with a deliberate consciousness of its aim, it has constituted itself a hierarchical militia, detached from all ties of affectionmust necessarily carry to its maximum of concentration and energy that politic spirit before which persons and the morality of actions disappear, and which retains but one human sentiment and one moral principle – that of absolute devotedness to the animus of the corporation, to its aim and its triumph. And who, then, save eight or ten of those strong heads among the higher class of the initiated – those politic priests, those brains without heart, puffed up by the defeat of the modern spirit (1824), intoxicated by a recent triumph, and by the perfume of that general Restoration which had already given them back a legal and canonical existence, and the favour of the governments of Italy, France, Austria etc. – who but such men, taking measure at such a moment of their forces for conquest, could have held such language?
There are mad flights of pride so delirious, that no imagination could invent them. To set them forth with the fire, brilliancy, and energetic audacity, they display in a great number of passages in the Secret Conference, the Word that speaks must itself be wholly profundity – that laborious patience, proof against the toil of ages – that sense of ubiquity – that absolute devotedness to a purpose whose fulfilment is seen through the vista of many generations – that absorption of the personal and transient individual in the corporate and permanent individual – and above all, if I may so express myself, that transcendant immorality, which all stamp upon the Secret Conference the character of a monstrous and insane grandeur. These are surely the tokens of a paroxysm of subversive unitism, such as could only be manifested, the moment after a European resurrection and victory, by Policy and Theocracy allied in an Order self-constituted as the occult brain of the Church, and the predestined supreme government of the world.

And truly, when we reflect on the organic virtue of that theocratic power, which feels itself immutable amidst the vacillations of the political world, we are constrained to own, that such is the nature of its means, such the temper of its weapons, that it might with more reason than any conqueror, or even than any people, aspire to universal dominion, if instead of seeking to cast back the nations into the past, and to plunge mankind again into the night of the Middle Ages, a thing which is purely impossible, it had undertaken the glorious tast of guiding men towards the splendours of freedom and the future. That Order, which for many a century has braved kings and nations – which neither the decrees of princes, nor the bulls of popes, nor the anathemas of the conscience of nations, nor the terrible wrath of revolutions, have been able to crush – whose severed fragments reunite in the shade like those of the hydra – that Order, everywhere present and impalpable, which feels itself living, with its eternal and mute thought, in the midst of all that makes a noise and passes away – that Order, on comparing itself with those governments whose vices, corruption, and caducity, would make them pliant subjects for its crafty magnetism – must certainly have conceived through its chiefs the plan developed in the Secret Conference, and none but the initiated could have given to that plan the profound, eloquent, and impassioned forms, which that grand folly there assumes. The fumes of pride have mounted to the brain of the mysterious colossus, and he has failed to perceive that this feet are of clay, and that the inevitable flood of the modern spirit is reaching them and washing them away.
Boundless ambition, a mighty organization, indomitable perseverance, and absolute devotedness, all directed to the attainment of an impossible object, an absurd chimera pursued by a transcendent system of means as immoral as they are puerile – such are, in brief, the characteristics of that modern incarnation of Theocracy which is called Jesuitism. [...]
I say for my part, instead of the veracity of the story being impugned by its improbability, that very improbability is a pledge of veracity. [...]
The Jesuits are the Janissaries of theocratic Catholicism."

"At the London economic conference in 1933 attended by representatives of about 65 nations, all eyes and hopes were on Roosevelt. Instead of supporting pragmatic economic measures including the strengthening of the gold standard, Roosevelt did the complete opposite: effectively destroying the international currency and monetary system over night through the Emergency Banking Act of 1933.

The Federal Reserve is a maritime lender, and/or maritime insurance underwriter to the federal United States operating exclusively under Admiralty/Maritime law. The lender or underwriter bears the risks, and the Maritime law compelling specific performance in paying the interest, or premiums are the same. [...] The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a 'beneficiary' of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their 'subjects', the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to the Federal Reserve System.

Banning gold exports. The actions of Roosevelt had the ultimate, immediate effect of drying up the last remaining liquidity capital in global markets enforcing the United States to borrow large sums of money from the private bankers owning what: the gold, the Federal Reserve ... getting these guys rich, the money cartell we talked about – that's all it is! It's like a drug cartell, they just do it with money. Same thing, Same principle. Economist desicions that defy logical explanation to this day! There is no reason for that, unless he was being controlled by the bankers themselves who're controlled by the Jesuits who founded the western banking systems, and told them exactly what to do."

The shill and the demon
Richard Bell interviewed by John Rappoport, read aloud by Greg to his broad- and podcast auditory

"The Roman Catholic Church will rule the world again."
No message is more important